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Key Terms


Many of the apps on Chronos will create artifacts that can be used in other areas of the platform. Each artifact has a unique identifier, like gp_487ca03a3d0f7e02b64ad358fbc999a0 representing a dataset in GlobalPulse or ts_a1b57ba7b2f52c8f2eafb63c26b..... representing data uploaded with the Data Upload tool. Any of these artifacts could then be used with Precision & Scenario-based Forecasting, Data Exploration, or Scenario Creation.

External data

Data that is used to help an algorithm or model achieve it's task while not being directly the target or time series the user cares about.


How far beyond the last (most recent) data point to end up. Add the distance of the horizon, something like 6 months or 2 years, to the last date to get the date to which a forecast will be made.


A broad term to capture any manipulations done to a dataset before using it for some task. Some examples of preprocessing are resampling (converting daily data to monthly data) or smoothing (averaging values by the surrounding values in time).

Time-varying known variable

A time series that is used as external data in a forecast which extends from the beginning of the target variable's data range and extends to the end of the horizon.

Time-varying unknown variable

A time series that is used as external data in a forecast that contains data within the same range as the target variable.