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Precision Forecasting

The flagship forecasting tool on Chronos. Select a single target series to make high-quality, interpretable, and defendable forecasts. Choose one of three different kinds of models: statistical, curve fitting, or machine learning and then specify external data to help the model learn patterns about your data.

Precision forecasting process outline

Process Breakdown

  1. Name the forecast so that you can reference it later.
  2. Select a time series to forecast. You can choose from data you added with Data Upload, Sceario-creation, previous forecasts, or GlobalPulse.
  3. Choose a horizon to specify how many data point to predict beyond the last point seen in the target series.
  4. Select a model/algorithm from the dropdown list and adjust any of the associated parameters to change the way the model will behave.
  5. For models that support it, select relevant seasonalities and holiday effects to be included in the model.
  6. Select any number of regressors from the dropdown to add external data to help the model learn your data. The time series chosen here can be data you added with Data Upload, Scenario Creation, previous forecasts, and GlobalPulse.
  7. When you are ready, submit the forecast and let Chronos handle the rest. You will automatically be redirected to the forecast's page that you can get back to at any time.